Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farmers often pay excessively for health insurance

WILLMAR รข€” Research by The Access Project, Brandeis University and the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health shows that the average farm and ranch family pays $7247 in health insurance premiums and costs each year.

stern on high price of home insurance premiums

During the past 4 years I guess no one wanted to hear and believe it from me that Texans pay the highest home insurance premiums in the nation and that our officials were only patronizing homeowners and playing sleight of hand with ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Is there a need to buy Car Insurance?

Is it neccesary to buy a car insurance coverage for your car or vehicle? First you got to understand that Car insurance is compulsory by law. This applies in all countries.

Account Executive - Insurance - Boston, MA

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Health Insurance

With the ever growing number of health insurance providers making the choice of which company to go with can be a difficult one. We will take a look at various health insurance companies and what each has to offer.

Japanese regulator raps insurance broker for misleading adverts

Japan's Financial Services Agency and the Japan Fair Trade Commission have ordered a local insurance broker to improve its business operations and review its management after it published misleading advertisements.